Questions? We've got answers.

01. How do I clean them?

All LongBay slippers are machine washable, For details, please see the section on"Care Instructions."

02. What if they don't fit?

Memory foam slippers tend to feel snug at first as them some time to break in. If they're just too them some time to break in. If they're just too small or too big to ever ft, read on about our hassle-free refund policy.

03. What's your return/refund policy?

We gladly accept all reasonable requests for a return or refund, So please contact us anytime you're unhappy with your slippers, regardless of how long they've been worn. We know it's areal hassle to returm something bought online; so we're doing our best to make your life easier. For more information, please check out our returns & exchanges page.

04.How long does it take to deliver?

Please click here to learn about our shipping policy.

05.How often does LongBay introduce new styles?

We introduce new seasonal product twice a year – in the Spring and Fall.

Care Instructions:

Take care of your LongBays, and they'll take care of your feet.

  • Spot clean or machine wash cold.

  • Line dry or tumble dry low.

  • Non-chlorine bleach only.

If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service team at longbayservice@gmail.com.